Welcome to our vintage lifestyle dedicated website where we talk about and share all things vintage. We love sharing vintage artwork, vintage clothing style tips and in general everything that is vintage is our passion. While we don’t aim to convince people that vintage is better than anything else, we do aim to offer a platform for people that enjoy the vintage culture so they can express themselves and find exciting information for their lifestyle.

Becoming a vintage and living the vintage lifestyle

There are many ways one can become a vintage and lead that lifestyle but the three pieces of advice that we give are:


Vintage is not about complicating life to become something that is or was cool. A vintage lifestyle is focused on dressing up but never to complicate one’s life over it. If you have work where it’s not acceptable to be a vintie don’t be one.

Take it slowly

Nothing in our civilization was built in one day. This advice applies to your new lifestyle. If you want to become a vintage person, you have to understand that it takes time. Take it slowly and you will soon find yourself living a vintage lifestyle without ever knowing the moment you actually became one.

Find your inspiration

Becoming a vintage person requires inspiration, in facts, it’s all about becoming one with the vintage style that you find to be the most expressive one for your personality.

Vintage Clothes

Like we mentioned before there are tons of advices for one to become a vintie. The first thing is to start with your clothes and then work your life and modify your lifestyle from there. The best advice would be to stop listening to the trend pushers. Trend pushers have an agenda which is to continuously sell the new products that they have an abundance of. If you want to be a true vintie you have to have your own style and never be a part of somebody else’s vision.

Vintage Clothes
The Advantages Of Vintage Lifestyle

The Advantages Of Vintage Lifestyle

The advantages of a vintage lifestyle are numerous but it all boils down to each individual. Happiness is subjective and it can be whatever you want it to be as long as that makes you fulfilled. The vintage lifestyle has its biggest advantage in the fact that it is different. Everyone can be unique and they can be comfortable with what they are. The vintage community encourages and even helps one another which in turn will lead you to have a healthier life and support others.

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