Guide to Buying a New Hookah

Most people are not experts when it comes to buying smoking equipment. This comes as no surprise since there is always a wide variety of products available at hand. With hookahs, as well as any other smoking accessory you need to know its features and quality.

How To Choose a Shop

First of all, you need to pick a shop which will be your go-to solution. This means that it will be the place you whenever you need new smoking accessories or ideas. Your smoke shop should have people who are willing to be attentive and informative. They need to be willing to explain the differences between products and help you make choice.  

Find a place which will be customer oriented and affordable. If you focus on these two characteristics you will remain satisfied. Make sure they renew their product selection in order to keep your option open.


The height of the hookah mostly has to do with what you prefer and are more comfortable with. If you need a hookah which will stay in place you can opt for a higher one. If you need it for travel then we would recommend a smaller hookah. It will be more practical and you can keep it safe.

Modern Hookahs VS Traditional Hookas

Modern hookahs are manufactured as opposed to traditional ones which are made manually. The quality always depends on the maker or the brand. Though you can easily distinguish a modern hookah from a traditional one, you can’t always tell which is of better quality.

There are, however, some features which are indicative of a more modern design. Modern hookahs are usually lighter in weight and there are no traces of their construction. The often have optional pieces which can be removed or added when needed.

Traditional hookahs are usually bulkier and larger. They often have heavy metals incorporated into their design. The manufacturers will typically use metals which are long-lasting such as stainless steel. We have to add that traditional hookahs often have a unique look to them.

It will most probably come down to your preference. You will end up choosing according to the style of the hookah.

The Hookah Bowl

The head of the hookah, also known as the bowl, is usually made with ceramic material in modern hookahs. Traditional hookahs, on the other hand, more often have clay bowls.

In this case, the traditional hookah is better since clay disperses heat more efficiently than ceramic materials.

Design of the Hookah

The design and style of the hookah also depend on the way it is made. Modern hookahs offer a wide variety of style, color, and size. This is a good aspect of manufactured hookahs since they are innovative and cover a wide array of preferences. If you prefer to have your options open and like innovations, modern hookahs are your thing.

On the other hand, traditional manufacturers often offer one-of-a-kind hookahs which are irreplaceable. They are made by following a long-lasting tradition and carry a certain legacy. If you are looking for a hookah which features history – this is the choice for you.